Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called The Table?

  • We chose the name The Table after several months of prayer and consideration. God kept bringing up relationships, friendships, togetherness, and family atmosphere. We also know that God wants us to receive from Him, then go out and share the Good News with others… kind of like how a healthy family works - meet at the table for dinner, talk about each other’s day, connect, learn, ask questions, gain insight and knowledge, then prepare to go out into the world the next day. We also point directly to The Last Supper, which we often affectionately call The First Supper, where communion was taken for the first time

I’m not a Christian, not sure what I believe about God, and really don’t even like church. Can I still come?

  • Yes! Matter of fact, you are why The Table exists. We have been on purpose about creating a “non-churchy” atmosphere where you can wear whatever you want (from a three-piece suit to sweatpants and t-shirt). We also have great coffee and have a lot of fun. Lastly, we promise that we won’t pressure you into coming to an altar or signing a set of belief statements. We will simply tell you about an awesome man named Jesus and let you do the choosing.

What denomination is The Table?

  • We don’t have a denomination. We are part of The Hope Revolution ( and are connected to SmallTown.Church... It’s not that we don’t like denominations, it’s just that we don’t belong to one. We consist of people from all types of different denominations and backgrounds that are coming together for one important theme - to follow Jesus and love people. We are kinda like that tasty broccoli salad at most family functions - a hodgepodge of different stuff doing awesome things.

You mentioned that I could wear whatever I want. Do I have to wear clothes at all?

  • Yes. You can wear whatever you want and yes, you do have to wear clothes. We think it would be pretty weird if you sat on our seats with your bare butt.

Is Pastor Matt a real pastor?

  • Lol. Yes, he is... and believe it or not, we get that question often. Pastor Matt has been ordained by the Federation of Ministers and Churches International ( and also by RISEmovement ( Pastor Matt has been passionately following Christ since May 2014.

What do I do with my kids?

  • We have no idea. Just kidding - bring them! We have the Kidz Table, led by Youth Pastors Scott and Chloe Robinson. They currently meet right down the street from The Table in the Millard School. For now, we are only equipped to take care of kids who are potty trained (we are planning to expand that in early 2018). The Kidz Table is a safe, fun, high energy environment where kids are taught that God is a good Father. Kidz Table kids are learning to be participants, not observers, in their faith journey. We know that this generation of kids is going to change the world.

You guys are making church look fun. Is that even ok?

  • Absolutely. We believe that we are living in the best time to be alive and in the best country on the planet. Because of that, we know that we are seizing our opportunity to show our community and region that true transformation is not only possible, but real. We know that surrendering to Christ changes everything for the good - this doesn’t mean that everything becomes roses and rainbows, but that followers of Christ get to look at bad things through His eyes. We know that we were created to Love God and Love People - and that’s exactly what we are doing.